Roy de Groot

Welcome on Roy de Groot his personal website. This personal website gives an overview of who Roy de Groot is, what he has done and what skills he has acquired. You can find information about his personal life and business career. Nevertheless the main focus of website is providing business information about the Roy de Groot and his career. The website is divided into several logical pages: Profile, Experience, Skills and Contact.
On the profile page you can find a background profile of Roy. He explains briefly how Roy de Groot started is interest in computers and developed his career in that direction. “Looking back isn’t going to help you. Moving forward is the thing you have to do.”
On the Experience page, a chronological overview of all the projects is shown with a brief description of Roy’s role. Roy did a lot of projects at several large and well-known companies in the Netherlands. It’s his passion to work for large innovative companies not only in the Netherlands, but all over the world.
The skill page describes all the skills and certifications he has acquired during his career. Roy de Groot is never sitting still, he keeps developing himself with hard and soft skills. Roy thinks that the field of Computer Science is always moving fast, which makes it interesting and challenging to work in. He is a great team player with the ability to deliver professional solutions to his clients.
It is also possible to contact Roy de Groot, via the contact form or via the different social media channels. Please feel free to contact Roy de Groot directly or in the near future. Tips about this website, his career or even amazing clients to work are more than welcome!